The Low Carb “Super” Bun

The Low Carb “Super” Bun

It’s no secret that I’m in a long-term relationship with Grill’d Burgers. You’ll find me there on a weekly basis (at least) after a training session, ordering either Sweet Chilli Chicken or Simon Says Burger. Yum!

I’ve noticed on my weekly ventures that more and more people ordering the “Low Carb Super Bun”. Super bun, you ask? I hadn’t heard of it either. According to it’s made out of: water, whole egg, almond meal, coconut cream, tapioca flour, psyllium husk, honey and salt. It doesn’t sound that super to me…

Back to the story – I assume that customers order this bun in effort to become “healthier” or something like that, but what the MAJORITY of people don’t realise is that the “Low Carb Super Bun” is MORE calorie dense than both the traditional and panini bun alternatives, and alone has a whopping 21.2g of fat. For a little context, an entire McDonald’sCheeseburger has less fat than the bun. If you’re specifically on a low carb / high fat diet, or genuinely prefer the taste (and aren’t fussed about the fat content) that’s fine– but for the rest of us, check the nutrition data before you take your pick.

Check out the comparison of a Simon Says on a Traditional Bun (top) versus a Simon Says on a Low Carb Super Bun (bottom).

– Rachael


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