Leave the Food Scales at Home this Christmas, for Santa’s Sake!

Leave the Food Scales at Home this Christmas, for Santa’s Sake!

If you’re a macro-counting flexible dieter, the words “Christmas Lunch” can turn you into a nervous wreck in a matter seconds… but it shouldn’t. Christmas is a time for giving, a time for family, and a time for feasting. A few days ago, Santa sent me a Christmas List all the way from the North Pole, so I thought I should share it with you all…

Santa’s Christmas List:

1. Leave your food scales at home
2. Don’t count your calories
3. Eat mindfully
4. Don’t step on the scales on Boxing Day
5. Keep training as usual

Leave Your Food Scales at Home

No one in your family wants to see you whip out your food scales at Christmas Lunch (trust me, I’ve tried it and Mrs. Claus was not impressed). Leave them at home, and don’t worry about how many grams of protein the Christmas Turkey might have – just gobble it up, and wash it down with a cold one.

Don’t Count Your Calories

There are two occasions where you SHOULD NOT be counting calories or tracking macros – your birthday and Christmas Day. If you’re compliant with your diet and training majority of the year, the odd day off will not hinder your progress. Cut yourself some slack, and enjoy the day with your loved ones.

Eat Mindfully

Now, whilst I want you to relax and enjoy yourself on Christmas Day – I don’t want you to pass out at ten o’clock in the morning from a food coma. I want you to eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full. It’s really easy to overindulge, but it isn’t worth it when you have no room in your stomach for your favourite dessert.

Don’t Step on the Scales on Boxing Day

You most likely would’ve eaten in a rather large calorie surplus on Christmas Day, so for your own mental health – don’t step on the scales on Boxing Day. Majority of the extra scale weight will be water retention from the extra carbohydrates and sodium, so you’re better off leaving the weigh-in for a few days later for a more accurate reading.

Keep Training as Usual

I want you to keep to your normal training regime – nothing more and nothing less. It is important that you put that extra energy to good use at the gym, but I don’t want to see any extra cardio in attempt to burn off the extra calories from Christmas Lunch – it might spiral into an unhealthy relationship with food and exercise.

Santa Claus